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Nirvana Photo Credit: Jay Brown

That is the big question. But who actually will be the next Nirvana?!? No one. That’s impossible. No one will ever be Kurt Cobain and no one will write those songs again. But that phrase “The next (fill in the blank of any great past band)” has been used over and over again because we’re all searching for that next great band to call our own. The type of band that inspires change. That type of band that ignites a new movement. The type of band that stirs your soul. Where is the next great band going to come from? Aberdeen? Seattle? Glasgow? Who knows.

But one thing for sure is that Nirvana influenced enough musicians that anything even close to Nirvana grabs the attention of music lovers who miss – or were never there because they were not born yet – the first grunge movement.

Some of the staff at new indie label Grunge Pop Records saw Nirvana at their first show in Seattle. They saw and experienced Nirvana before they had even recorded their debut BLEACH. No one knew how important they would become, nor believe they would go from playing to almost no one – and in three short years – to becoming the biggest band in the world; and making the term “grunge” a worldwide sensation.

Photo Credit: Jay Brown

Well, it’s going to be the thirty year anniversary of Nirvana’s NEVERMIND come this September 24th, and all hell is gonna break loose globally. Grunge Pop Records is already on the move to find and introduce to the world the next wave of grunge bands and they’ve already found some bands with many more to come.


Barb Wire Dolls and Prince Of Lilies have both signed multi-album deals with Grunge Pop Records; more band signings to be announced.