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Album review: Debut album from the Belgian sludge metal project La Nausée.


Battering Ram or else an awakening call …These meaningful lyrics can be reached throughout La Nausée’s new EP album released by Spectral Hound Records. The EP has been released on May the 7th and it is a sludge metal project from Belgium depicting nowadays situation through its dirty guitars,heavy riffs and lyrics.

Be aware as the lyrics said… this EP will make you think a lot.

The truth is not the truth
Bring your own noose
We need emotion
There is a white hole in the wall
It is a mirror, a trap
I am caught in it – I can’t get away….

Be aware – Here comes the net
Controlled times – Controlled feed
Controlled mind – Controlled needs
Not in your interest – You’re the product
Need your interests – You’re merchandise…

All melt away like snow in May…

We need you to drown in masses…
Pictures of clouds
Space made to breathe
Rubble and ash
What a mountain can mean

Congratulations to La Nausee from Belgium for their music work we are looking forward to watch them in live concerts!We wish all the best for your EP!

1 – Controlled
2 – Lighted By A Torche
3 – Like Coin
4 – Mass Drown
5 – Split

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You can read the Greek version here.