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CRM: Come from Rome with Psych-Electro-Postpunk mood!

CRM: Οι Ιταλοί κυκλοφορούν νέα δουλειά με τον τίτλο Buy

CRM – Customer Relationship Madness, come from Rome with Psych-Electro-Postpunk mood!

I don’t know if these Romans are crazy, but they are definitely talented! CRM, come from Italy and as they say, they wanted to give a so … “otherworldly” touch to the music scene that moves them so much.

Influenced by Lenny Abrahamson, as they say in their press release, they manage to create a Psych-Electro-Postpunk band! It only took them 9 months to be able to put the material together and say “Hey, we’re here!”

Buy, is their new track and it comes today exclusively for the Greek audience!!! Many thanks to CRM – Customer Relationship Madness and Overdub Recordings, for this honor.

What about

I don’t know about you, but I can listen to this track as I write this, 5 hours on repeat. Not to understand elements he wants to give, but because the rhythm is what I’m looking for and maybe missing from some newer bands, of the genre, in today’s world.

Psychedelic dark wave, post punk, as befits the video you see! I’m trying to remember what it is that makes it so familiar, but nothing. I just sit and listen to it, rhythmically moving my feet, hands and this in a different style each time.

“…that candles burn out in little boys’ and girls’ eyes, or wind blows them out and after that happens, electric light-bulbs go on and you see too plainly”
“…che negli occhi dei bambini la luce delle candele si spegne, o è il vento che che che la spegne e dopo bisogna accendere le lampadine e si vede tutto troppo chiaramente”

Tennessee Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire

The image you see in the audio above tells the story of the birth, development and undoing of the myth through the figure of Elvis, showing how the disruptive talent of the individual conquers the multitude and therefore becomes part of the mad capitalist mechanism of exaltation, diffusion, standardization and the removal of any possible point of rupture that becomes just a mechanical cog in an unchanging process.

CRM: Οι Ιταλοί κυκλοφορούν νέα δουλειά με τον τίτλο Buy

Video credits:

Video by Luca Palazzi and Francesca Ronconi
Song: “Buy” – CRM – Customer Relationship Madness – 2023
Lyrics: Luca Palazzi
Music: CRM – Customer Relationship Madness
Recorded and mixed by: CRM – Customer Relationship Madness
Mastering by: LRS – Locomotore Recording Studio
Label: Overdub Recordings
Official Website: www.crm-music.com 


“It all happened by accident after watching Lenny Abrahamson’s “Frank” … a fantastic film about an amazing rock band led by a crazy singer, played by Michael Fassbender. We saw it… and then we started thinking “Well, it’s about making music in total freedom, why not? Just real entertainment!”. It was 2015, when one day we found ourselves in a room just doing improvisations and having fun with beer and wine.

After 9 months we had about 25 pieces, ranging from one genre to another. Then, the group took shape. Gianpaolo Rosato (bass), Francesco Degli Innocenti (guitar) and Elisabetta Caiani (kazoo, vocals) joined the “core”, Luca Palazzi (vocalist) and Francesca Ronconi (synthesizer). We also added the drum machine (the Roland Tr-8, played by Luca Palazzi) and other strange instruments (some of them without real name) that Gianpaolo Rosato sometimes loves to play just to make noise.

So we started to really develop the tracks and in about 3 years, thanks also to the work of our producer (Alessandro La Padula), we completed the album, which contains 4 tracks from those “old” sessions completely revised, and 4 tracks recorded with the new line-up”.

Want to know more? Then you better discover them and follow them, through their official site. And where you are… turn up the volume!

CRM new album

Another BIO

The name CRM refers to the same acronym that in the marketing world identifies the core activity of Customer Relationship Management. What they usually do is considered a management activity, but it is actually madness, a global game of manipulating thoughts and desires.

“Zeitgeist: the spirit that defines a historical period.

It was no coincidence that this was the title of the last art exhibition of the eclectic singer Luca Palazzi (site: www.lucapalazzi.com), in which he visually expressed what later evolved into music by CRM, in a syncretic path between visual arts and sound

Who Are you Exactly?“,

is their debut album, recorded and mixed by Alessandro La Padula. It was released in November 2019 by Seahorse Recordings and has been very well received by critics, both nationally and internationally.

The album will be followed, due to COVID-19 and the lockout, by the band’s quick return to the studio to compose new tracks. The world situation is becoming increasingly complicated and tense, resulting in 9 compositions that make up “My Lunch”. A new album to be released in spring 2023, with Overdub Recordings.

“My Lunch”

The album offers a sound that is difficult to categorize. Nocturnal and expansive, post-punk and electronic sound, with sudden industrial explosions. Intrusions of noise and constant psychedelic pollution, alternating with moments of deep melancholy for a lost world.

In the album you will also find the contribution in 2 tracks (Vanity Wheel and Alone) of trumpeter Marcello Maggi. On the other hand the artwork is by South African artist Sean Gregory.

“I don’t think I have talent, I just think I’m receptive”.

Read the Greek article here.


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