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Linda Collins: New single and video entitle “Sunbeams”

Linda Collins: New single and video entitle

Linda Collins presents their new single Sunbeams which is the first single from their new album Choices. This new work will be released in September 2024 on Urtovox Records.


The song is about the desire to protect and help a loved one who is going through a difficult time. The tunnel referred to in the lyrics is a representation of pain, a synonym for an emotional cliff that the loved one is falling into. The wings, in contrast, are a symbol of love, a way of relieving someone else’s grief.
The vocals of Benedetta Sotgiu, a very young Sardinian musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer, and Ramon Moro’s trumpet bring out the beauty of the dark and penetrating cinematic Scandi-Noir with memories of Portishead

About the video

The video is an original from the year 1968. It was found in a drawer in director Enrico Monti’s house. He recorded and edited it at the age of eighteen, using the stop motion technique. A priceless treasure.


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Is a sound collective, whose founders are Alberto Garbero, Massimiliano Esposito, Vincenzo Morreale. They work with the external contribution of an active base of artists who bring their own experiences from the underground (Jackeyed, Benedetta, Neverwhere, Ramon Moro, SavantPunk, Arnoux, Karin Nygren, Manuela Canale).

Their composition are soundscapes, within the song form, which move between indie pop, post-rock and dub references.
Based in Turin, Linda Collins involve Italian and European musicians in a project that spreads beyond borders.

Linda Collins remains committed to the attempt to combine apparently distant cardinal points under the sign of a unique musical identity. Sound coordinates that refer to Sparlkehorse and Explosion in the Sky, diagonal visions close to the first dEUS, but also post-rock explosions à la Mogwai, as well as echoes of the trip-hop productions of the beginning of the millennium, and influences close to Central European electronica, halfway between Arab Strap and Notwist.

Three years after the successful Tied (Urtovox, 2021), the collective returns to the scene with a full-length, Choices. The album is more organic and complex, which will be released in Autumn 2024.