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Listen to the first single By Teo Russo!

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Teo Russo is the new dream psych-pop band from members of La Camera Migliore and Mitici Gorgi. Their self-titled debut album will be released on September 23th, 2022 via Millessei Dischi. Listen to the brand new single Tienilo come un segreto

In The Dream Book, as well as in the collective imaginary, the symbol of the horse represents true nobility of soul, intelligence and elegance. The horse is also notoriously wild and hard to tame. All these features fit perfectly with the songs by Teo Russo, the new Italian (super) dream psych-pop band formed by Georgia Costanzo (La Camera Migliore), Francesco Fanciullacci (La Camera Migliore, Granprogetto, Farewell to Heart and Home, Mitici Gorgi) and Federica Camiciola (Mitici Gorgi). They will release their debut on vinyl and on all digital platforms on September 23th, 2022 via Millessei Dischi, with Audioglobe’s distribution.

How they came to be:

Costanzo and Fanciullacci have met again in 2017, a decade after their common experience in the alt pop-rock band La Camera Migliore. Fanciullacci and Camiciola shared the stage for a few years in the electro-punk band Mitici Gorgi. All three, together, have decided to give life to Teo Russo. The curious name Teo Russo is borrowed from that of a misunderstood and extravagant Florentine painter, who loved to paint equine figures. The cover artwork, created by Lorenzo Coppini | OdioDesign, is not by chance inspired by him.

The nine songs in Teo Russo’s tracklist enchant and reveal details listen after listen. Costanzo sang all the tracks with her magnetic voice. Fanciullacci wrote almost all the lyrics – driven by a sudden tragic loss – and played guitars, bass and synths. Camiciola took care of the programming electronic drums, additional synths and pre-mixes. Fantasy and delicacy, electro-acoustic timbres, oblique melodies and lo-fi nuances. The main influence is Sparklehorses (another horse as a spirit-guide…). All these elements blend together in a personal recipe. They recorded  at home. Later Leo Magnolfi mixed  itat the EL-SOP Recording Studio in Florence.

What it is about

The songs by Teo Russo are about dreams and how to face reality thanks to them. They aim to permute visions with emotions. Between the words there are recurring images of astronauts, snow and obviously horses, as well as a little tribute to Elliott Smith. “Close your eyes and imagine living multiple lives at the same time. Try traveling multiple roads, selecting multiple choices”, the band suggests. The first single Tienilo come un segreto, now available digitally, is  an awakening or  a rebirth. A video with the scenography of a show by Davide Venturini, director of the theatrical company TPO supports it. Teo Russo is the best secret to discover next autumn.