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Sharon Kovacs “I feel I am more closer to myself than ever before!”

Sharon Kovacs@willemwouterse
Sharon Kovacs@willemwouterse

Sharon Kovacs, aka Kovacs, It’s such a great pleasure having you with us today at afternoiz.gr! Firstly, congrats for the new release “Child of Sin”. The album… rocks! It’s a masterpiece. Sounded like heaven to my ears! My favorites are “Bang Bang”, “Not scared of Giants” and “Child of Sin”. The last one, especially for me, was mind-blowing! Perhaps, your co-operation with Till Lindeman played a role for this! Haha 🙂

Photographer @Paleyphoto
Photographer @Paleyphoto

Eleni Leonida: Do you consider yourself as a “Child of Sin”?

Sharon Kovacs: Yes, definitely as I grew up, I always felt something was wrong with me. Growing up in foster homes, also, didn’t really help.
During Covid-19, I went to therapy and I had to deal with little Sharon and this little Sharon felt like a Child of Sin and still feels like it sometimes but she is still around and coming out, once in a while..

EL: Are you “scared of the Giants” out there?
Sharon Kovacs: No, I’m not scared of giants.. I’ve been scared for only one person all my life, but I’m way more scared about the monsters in my head and how they sometimes take over. In this album, I’m taking the listeners with me, on my journey of happiness or at least… finding happiness.

EL: Brain and Heart. Which organ is the most “Fragile”, in your opinion?
SK: Both are, but I think my heart is always wanting love. My head says no, because people will leave and “you will be disappointed” and “you’re not good enough”. So, definitely, it’s the head.

EL: What is it like working with Till Lindeman?
SK: Great! It was a dream coming true! I’m definitely learning a lot.



EL: Which was the main inspiration behind the new album “Child of Sin”?
SKovacs: The therapy I talked about previously and me going to Portugal to live at home again, with my parents, which I didn’t do in my teenage years and also, about puberty. Maybe,  how I felt in some situations like high tide and about me going independent and releasing on my own label. Yeah… So, I guess, inspiration is about the last five years of my life.

Sharon Kovacs “I feel I am more closer to myself than ever before!”


EL: For how long have you worked on “Child of Sin”?
SK: I wrote this song, when I was 29 and then it was put on a shelf for almost a year. Then, we rewrote some music and added the drums and, then, half a year later, I spoke with Till Lindemann and, then, we had to rewrite the lyrics again to fit it to our collaboration.

EL: Do you consider this album as the most mature of all albums and singles you have created so far?
Sharon Kovacs: Yes, I think so. I’m, also, much older and, no, I am past my second album, which is always most difficult. I feel I am more closer to myself than ever before!

EL: How does it feel to perform at Glastonbury?
SK: That was amazing! We arrived in the middle of the night and I remember being asleep and waking up on the festival terrain’s by fireworks. It was crazy and I loved it so much. I really really really hope that one day I can perform there again!

EL: “Music is my therapy.” These are your own words. How music changed you and your way of seeing the world?
SK: I wish that music makes me a better person and by that I can be use as an example, or maybe as an example not to be like.
I feel that without music, I definitely would feel useless and I would probably be a very negative and angry person.

EL: I will always remember the chills, when I heard you performing live “My Love” at Rockwave Fest (2015), supporting Robbie Williams. “My Love” reached no 1 in Greece. What was your first reaction to this?
SK: That was really great. I, also, still remember that show! It was so beautiful with the mountain and the lights! There were so many people. I remember me starting the show and it was kind of overwhelming, but I enjoyed every second of it.

“I just feel that I do believe in something, but I can’t give it a name.”

EL: In your songs there are a lot of references about God. How did God impact you as a person?
SKovacs: My mum believes in God. My biological father is an Evangelist, but I don’t know him. Well, we spoke once, when he found out that I was famous.
I believe that everybody should believe in what they want, what they need to believe in. But, I don’t think you should put your belief onto somebody else, because that’s where it gets complicated. I just feel that I do believe in something, but I can’t give it a name.

EL: “Mama & Papa” is such a powerful song and depicts so many families. Could you tell us the inspiration behind the song?
Sharon Kovacs: I never knew my father and I was always angry with my mum about not telling me. But, when I met him, it was a great disappointment and I’m telling in this song. It’s okay that my mum didn’t tell me about how shitty it is of my father to never be there for me, while he is going to church praying his sins away. But I was just there….

EL: Betty Davis, Etta James & Tina Turner. We know that you have them as an inspiration. What do you admire in each of them?
SK: They are all very strong women and they sing about their life, their mistakes, their laughs. I think they have a lot of personality and I, also like, the music from awhile ago. I think it’s – most of the time- more sincere and honest.

EL: Which are your influences, besides music?
SK: Vivienne Westwood. I, actually, recently started making my own clothes, like shirts and pants and jackets. But, also, Marilyn Monroe, Marlena Dietrich & Frida Kahlo.

EL: What does the future hold?
SK: I hope a lot of shows, more albums, new places to go, more crazy collaborations and, hopefully, more visits to Greece 🙂

EL: What do you wish for the coming year?
SK: For myself, to feel better and keep working on myself. For the music to grow and meet new people. Hopefully, a lot of festivals and shows in many countries, including, obviously, Greece and enjoying it this year.

This question comes from our editor, Sissy Fanouraki… What do you like about Greece and which is your favorite Greek food?

Sharon Kovacs: My favorite Greek food is moussaka, but, also, the cheese that’s fried with honey. I love it so much!

This question comes from our editor in Chief, Jo Gogou… Does your style ever get you into trouble or open doors for you?

Sharon Kovacs: My style is that every influence is welcome. My voice is, always, very distinctive and keeps everything, mostly, in my world for me.
It’s very difficult sometimes to sing songs from others, but that’s not a problem, because they are they, and I am me

Now, 10 very very VERY personal questions… Let’s play “This or That”!

  • Vanilla or chocolate ice- cream?

Chocolate ice cream

  • Urban or village life?


  • Coffee or Tea?


  • Sunset or sunrise?


  • Cocktail or straight drink?


  • Winter or Summer?


  • Cat or Dog?


  • Frank Sinatra or Frank Zappa?

Frank Sinatra

  • Strawberries or cherries?


  • Burger or Pizza?



Thank you so much! We appreciate your time and your truly questions 🙂

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