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FRAMES is the new EP by Baobab Romeo on ADAT Records

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FRAMES is the new EP by the indie electro-rock trio Baobab Romeo. It was  out on 10 June 10th, 2022 on the French independent label ADAT Records, led by the single Earth. “FRAMES collects four different dream-images that we wanted to play and tell”.Active since 2013, Baobab Romeo is a trio.   Mattia Bresciani (voice) and Davide Bianchera (bass, synth) from the band Geisha and Sebastiano Confetta (guitar, synth, mix) from Holiday in Arabia. The electronic rock attitude on stage of Mattia and Davide meets Sebastiano’s “studio” electronic attitude.

FRAMES is the new chapter in a discography . It started with a first self-produced EP dating back to 2015 and the debut album HUM. HUM was  dedicated to the theme of travel and released by Seahorse Recordings in 2018. The sound of Baobab Romeo is halfway between indie rock and electronics, opening up to pop, soul and jazz nuances. Their influences are projects with a strong personality such as Arca, Eartheater, Yves Tumor and many others. “Our ideas start from a rhythmic or melodic input. Everything is then amalgamated during the recording phase. Even if we always lend a ‘surgical’ attention to sound research and arrangements, this new EP is more direct than HUM. We needed to enhance our communicative awareness”.

How it all started

Starting from 2017, the three Italian musicians from Mantua collaborate with IUVENIS DANZA. It is  a contemporary dance company, with performances and the realization of videos.The highlight of this collaboration was the participation at the Idaco Festival in New York. Over time, the band has played on the same stages with various important artists such as Rival Consoles. “We are passionate about literature, cinema, theater, and dance. When we write our songs, we like to think that the sound can be a kind of soundtrack for some images, but also for some bodies in motion. For this reason, our gigs are always accompanied by visuals or dancers and performers who help the audience to immerse themselves in our world”.

FRAMES opens with the nature of Mountain, about the wish to experience the chaos out there. Develops with the leap out of the habits of Horizon and the programmatic darkness of Black, in homage to the value of loneliness. The first single Earth is the last track of the EP and it’s about lust, the weirdest desires, the fantasies that make us special.

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