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Pulp: Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Steve Mackey στα 56 του χρόνια

Pulp: Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Steve Mackey στα 56 του χρόνια

Οι Pulp αποχαιρετούν τον μπατίστα τους Steve Mackey, που έφυγε στα 56 του χρόνια…

Νοσηλευόταν 3 μήνες σε νοσοκομειακή μονάδα, όπου και άφησε τη τελευταία του πνοή.

Ο Steve Mackey, συνδέθηκε με τους το 1989 και συμμετείχε στα άλμπουμ Separations, Different Class και His ‘n’ Hers. Το “Common People”, ήταν και εκείνο που τους εκτόξευσε!

Τα νέα μαθεύτηκαν από το συγκρότημα αλλά από την οικογένεια, μέσω των social media.

Pulp: Έφυγε από τη ζωή ο Steve Mackey στα 56 του χρόνια

Our beloved friend & bass player Steve Mackey passed away this morning. Our thoughts are with his family & loved ones.

This photo of Steve dates from when Pulp were on tour in South America in 2012. We had a day off & Steve suggested we go climbing in the Andes. So we did.
& it was a completely magical experience. Far more magical than staring at the hotel room wall all day (which is probably what we’d have done otherwise). Steve made things happen. In his life & in the band.
& we’d very much like to think that he’s back in those mountains now, on the next stage of his adventure.

Safe travels, Steve.
We hope to catch up with you one day.

All our love xx



Ο Mackey συνεργαζόταν ήδη και με άλλους καλλιτέχνες εκτός από τους Pulp, όπως  Florence + the Machine και Arcade Fire.
Όπως είχε ανακοινωθεί από το συγκρότημα, φέτος θα ήταν μια καλή ευκαιρία για του ίδιους, ώστε να επιστρέψουν δυναμικά στα μουσικά δρώμενα και στις περιοδείες… Κάτι που είχαμε αναφέρει και εδώ.

“After three months in hospital, fighting with all his strength and determination, we are shocked and devastated to have said goodbye my brilliant, beautiful husband, Steve Mackey. Steve died today, a loss which has left myself, his son Marley, parents Kath and Paul, sister Michelle and many friends all heartbroken. Steve was the most talented man I knew, an exceptional musician, producer, photographer and filmmaker. As in life, he was adored by everyone whose paths he crossed in the multiple creative disciplines he conquered. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the NHS staff who worked tirelessly for Steve. He will be missed beyond words.”

The family has asked for privacy at this time.


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