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Νέο βίντεο από τους KillSET με τίτλο “Killers in the Pit”


Οι Kill S ET ανακοίνωσαν την κυκλοφορία τους νέους τους  video με τίτλο  “Killers in the Pit” ένα κομμάτι που θα το βρείτε στο album “S.T.F.U”  όπου και θα κυκλοφορήσει σύντομα.

“’Killers in the Pit,’ is simply a song for our fans, the Killers!,” explains the band. “It’s for everyone that supports our music. It’s for everyone that takes the time out of their lives to come down to our shows and tear up the place with us! It’s about finding a positive and fun way to get rid of that extra energy and stress that so many people feel in their lives. We decided to drop this single first because music needs some flavor right now and we’re bringing that not only with this track, but the whole ‘S.T.F.U.’ album!

As it says in the song…let’s show the world!!!”  

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