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The Dharma Chain – “His Head” New Single & Music Video

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His Head’ is the first single from the upcoming album by psychedelic rock band The Dharma Chain. They will release it on Berlin based label Anomic Records.

Dharma Chain recorded this song, along with the rest of the album, in an abandoned church shortly before relocating to Berlin from Australia earlier this year. It’s a noisy, rhythmic, wall-of-sound type song, which draws sonic inspiration from bands like Goat and Fuzz.

“As always, propaganda and conformity keep us on a steady path toward apathetic self-destruction. This song is something of a call to arms. It urges us to see past the endless noise so that we might glimpse something strange and unique.” says Jarra Grigg, guitarist and vocalist.

Emily Lawlor, Keyboard player of the band directed the music video. It portrays a day in the life of the protagonist and conveys two starkly contrasting worlds.

The first is the conventional, banal life of the “good” citizen in society. The other is an internal ‘underworld’ of sorts. The character is pinned to a chair in a dark room with stark contrasting imagery projected upon her. In the first world she appears free, but the expectations of society constrain her. Hence exists as a glazed-over thoughtless specter. In the dark world she struggles against the oppression thrust upon her by imagery and propaganda, recognising her own hypnosis. The video visually expresses the core message of the song. The personal struggle between inner and world.  Between who we really are and who we are told we should be.