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A short interview with Kristin Hersh!

Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh will be at Gazarte on May 24th, so we took the opportunity to land a few questions and she kindly answered!. So here t’is, till we enjoy her on stage!

1.what was the role of music on your early adolescent and youth age?

I lived in a hippie commune when I was young, so there was always music playing: rock records or someone playing acoustic guitar, as well as Appalachian folk songs from the southern U.S.

2.How could you describe your creative process?

I have always “heard” songs. I copied down what I heard and made sure I could play anything I needed to, but I prefer to have as little to do with the process as possible: to let music speak.

3.Which is your main inspiration?

A small life lived hard.

4. Do you feel that you create music for yourself or for your fans?

Good question! Music has to be seen as an energetic that exists for itself. A musician should facilitate that and give it as a gift, but expect nothing in return. If no one is listening, music still happens, in other words.

Kristin Hersh

5.Who would you choose from musicians you admire as your partner in a tour?

I’m on tour with Fred Abong right now and that’s an honor. There aren’t many great songwriters working in the recording industry because entertainment seems to push out the art in this sphere, but Fred is a great songwriter.

6. How do you feel about coming to Greece? Are you familiar with any Greek musicians?

I’m so happy to be coming back and I need a tutorial on Greek musicians!

kristin hersh

7. How do you make your audience energetic?

They are active listeners: they aren’t trendy and can’t be sold to. Music moves them because they know that anything that doesn’t move then *isn’t* music. The recording industry is full of fashion and ego and showing off, but music — true songs — won’t come anywhere near you if that’s what you’re doing.

8. Which was your best and worse live gig and why?

I do the same thing in a small theater that I do onstage at a festival in front of a quarter of a million people: focus. It really doesn’t matter where I am. So if I can’t focus, I don’t reach music that night and THAT’S a bad show. Always my own damn fault. Hahaha.

Hopefully, Kristin will reach the music on the 24th, we can not wait to enjoy!

Kristin Hersh

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